There are plenty of juicers out there in the marketplace and no one juicer is perfect for every consumer. Finding a perfect juicer is about finding one which suits your budget, has the features that you prefer and comes from a trusted and established brand. Today, we’re going to facilitate your comparison-shopping by letting you know what the options are. Once you’ve learned about juicers, it’ll be way easier to find one which is an ideal match for your budget and lifestyle.

The most wonderful juicer is the one that gets used on a regular basis, rather than sitting idle on a kitchen counter. Our goal is to help you find something which you’ll truly enjoy using…and get real value from!

Is Juicing Worth It?

Juicing is a great way to get a host of beneficial nutrients into your body within a very short time frame. Fresh juice goes into our bloodstreams and nourishes our bodies. Plus, the juice that you make yourself is going to be way healthier than most juice that you buy in stores.

You’ll be shocked to know how nutrient-poor most store-brought juice really is!

Cold Press or Centrifugal?

You’ll have two main choices when it’s time to buy a juicer. One is the Cold Press juicer and the other is the Centrifugal juicer. Basically, they use separate forms of technology in order to juice ingredients.

If you’re just starting out with juicing and you don’t want to spend a lot of money, a more inexpensive juicer with centrifugal technology will be a sensible purchase. It will spin ingredients in order to separate pulp from juice.

If you want the best performance, we think that you should go for a Centrifugal style instead. It may also be marketed as a masticating juicer or a “slow” juicer. It will chew the ingredients, rather than spinning them, and this gentler chewing will allow you to get more juice extraction.

Basically, you’ll pay more for a masticating style at the outset and then save on ingredients over time. In the end, you may find that a masticating juicer is a better deal. However, everyone is different.

You’ll find that most stores offer lots of centrifugal styles and fewer masticating styles. The centrifugal juicer pulverizes veggies and fruit by pushing them against a cutting blade with a circular shape, which spins fast against a strainer made from metal.

To help you make the right decision, let’s consider the pros and cons of the centrifugal style. In terms of good things, it will juice quickly and it will cost less. As well, it’s simple to operate. In terms of drawbacks, it’s not right for herbs, sprouts, grasses and leafy greens. As well, it doesn’t produce as much juice as the Cold Press juicer. Juice quality may also be poorer. Also, it’s often a noisier small appliance.

The masticating styles (Cold Press juicers) have plenty of pros. They are perfect for juicing herbs, sprouts, grasses and leafy greens and they extract more effectively, which means that they produce more juice. As well, the juice stays fresh and nutrient-dense for a long period of time (such as seventy-two hours).

As well, these styles may provide other options, including the capacity to create nut milks and nut butters or make dough for pasta (or make ice cream). Cold Press juicers usually offer very quiet performance.

In terms of disadvantages, these juicers cost more and it takes longer to get results while using them. Also, you’ll need to cut up food pieces because the chutes in Cold Press juicers are quite narrow.

Also, you’ll find that these styles of juicers produce more pulp.

Buy a New Juicer Today

In general, your budget will play a role in what you choose, so browse top-selling juicers online at big retailers and see what you can get for your money. If you’re on a budget, starting off with a centrifugal style that real-life customers review positively will be smart. If you have more to spend, look for a masticating, cold press style which earns accolades from consumers.

Customer reviews are really helpful. Be sure to read them carefully before buying. As well, choose a trusted brand that people depend on.