Best Hurom Juicers of 2016

Hurom released a line of masticating juicers that use an auger system to press produce inside its interior to the point where all of its juices will be able to be extracted. They are designed to run at low temperatures so that they can preserve all of the nutrients and enzymes that are found in the produce used in the juicer.

It is a slower process as compared to a centrifugal juicer; however, the output is greater. It produces more juice from the leafy greens because of how it extracts the liquids. Other types of juicers do not perform as well regarding leafy greens or wheatgrass.

If you want the most nutrient rich juice out of your juice maker, these are some of the best appliances that you can use to do that. Below, we have put together our review of the top 5 Hurom juicers on the market.

Comparison Table for Top Hurom Juicers

ModelsRPM'sWeightTypeAutofeedNoise LevelPrice
Hurom Fresh Press8014.3 lbs.MasticatingYesQuietClick Here
Hurom HU-1008012 lbs.MasticatingYesQuietClick Here
Hurom HH-SBB118013.8 lbs.MasticatingYesQuietClick Here
HUROM HK6521.1 lbs.MasticatingYesQuietClick Here
HUROM HH-SBF114014.3 lbs.MasticatingYesExtremely QuietClick Here

Hurom Juicer Reviews

Hurom Fresh Press


This is our favorite economical juicer that we came across. It is priced at around $150, putting it well under the typical price for the Hurom machines that we reviewed. Most quality juicers go for around $300, give or take $50. The lower-priced juicers tended to lack in quality to the point where we did not include them in our list of best Hurom juicers of 2016.

This one, however, measured up to some of the heavyweights. It comes in a nice simple white design and runs on 150 W of energy. It is very quiet and handles all of the basics that you could ask for from a juicer. The reason for the low price is that it does not have any extra bells and whistles to it. If you are looking for an affordable machine that does just what it says it does, juice veggies, this is it.

It has the ability to process all types of foods including vegetables, fruits, soybeans, leafy greens, or nuts. You can send your ingredients through it and come out with a delicious tasting juice, sauce or homemade marinade for your chicken or beef.

Overall, this is a great model for its price. Dollar for dollar, we feel that this is the best juicer machine that we have come across. Ignoring the price, it doesn’t quite stack up to some of the other juicers that we are about to talk about below.

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Hurom HU-100


This is the next step up in the juicer world. It is priced at a little more than $100 higher than the above model, but it performs a little better. Overall, we feel it is worth the price, but it does not offer as much as some of the other juicers that we will talk about.

As far as its performance, it does everything you could want it to do. It juices with its patented slow squeezing technology, which allows the machine to extract virtually all of the juice without destroying the fibers and other nutrients that a blender would take out.

When you use this one, you really have to take your time. It works well, but it isn’t extremely powerful. The reason it doesn’t use a ton of power is to keep the temperature low. The lower the temperature is when you’re juicing, the more vitamins and nutrients you will get.

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Hurom HH-SBB11


This is a solid product that comes with a little bonus, a cookbook. The cookbook has a good selection of juicing recipes that you can use. It is great to use as a guide for beginners. It also has a few advanced tips for more experienced juicers.

The machine itself is one of the most advanced models that Hurom has released in 2016. It has a specialized twin wing auger which is used to get every morsel of juice that it can out of the fruits and vegetables that you put through it. It comes apart easily which makes it a breeze to clean. As far as simplicity goes and ease-of-use, this model is the best.

We love the way it looks. It looks like a cross between a French press and a state-of-the-art juicer. This is an appliance that you are going to want to keep out on display kitchen if that sounds appealing to you.

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The one is another heavy hitter that comes from this brand. At over $400, it is the highest priced juicer that we have reviewed for you today. Although it has a high price tag, it is well worth the cost. Across the board, our reviewers all picked this as our favorite option regardless of cost.

It’s one of the larger models and is designed for big juicing projects. If you are a big-time juicer, this is an option that you should strongly consider.

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Finally, we have the HH-SBF11. It is a smaller version of the HH-SBB11 that we reviewed above. It is a little cheaper at the expense of size. Aside from the size difference, it stacks up very well to the elite slow juicer in all the other areas. If you want the best juicing experience, but don’t need the high volume that the elite line provides, this is a good option for you.

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Final Thoughts

We have two favorites from this list. If your budget is not an issue, we recommend the HUROM HK. If you are working on a budget, the Hurom Fresh Press is going to be our first recommendation for you.